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Ringless Voice Mail Drops - Automotive

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In the past decade the phone and cellular phone has transformed from simply being a device to connect with another individual or business into a personal lifeline providing access to the rest of the world and any information a person desires simply with the push of a button. In addition to being the most important device for communication in a person’s life the cell phone is also owned by more individuals in the United States than in any other country making it the most direct and personal form of communication between your business and your customers. With this being the case simply sending out a mass, pre recorded, digital and even worse yet, impersonal phone blast traditionally would offend more people than it generated as potential prospects for your business. This is exactly the reason that our new, non intrusive ringless voicemail delivery program is generating more leads and sales than any other advertising avenue on the market. Imagine for a moment if you, the general manager could call every customer in your database and let them know you are eager to trade the vehicle they purchased from you or that you have sent them a special offer in the mail and you want to be sure they don't miss out on it. Your response rates and resulting sales would go through the roof. After all, that is what has been missing in most business relationships in this day and age, the personal touch and making your customers feel that they are as important to you as the day they purchased their last vehicle from you.


Here's how it Works:

We deliver your custom tailored personal message directly to their voicemail. The phone does not ring and the customer can review your message at a time that is most convenient for them. The best part of all is that when they receive your message they will feel compelled to either return your call or stop in to your showroom. Even if they are not in the market at the current time, your message may pull them into it or at the very least leave a lasting impression and ensure that the next time they are considering a new vehicle purchase that you are on the top of their list.


Who to Target:

Voicemail campaigns can be used as a standalone marketing tool either to your own customer base or to a specific targeted demographic from our database of over 350 Million contacts. Our database is updated on a monthly basis and categorized by geography as well as by demographics. Choose vehicle owners by make and model, select households with average annual income levels, families with children - the list of who you can reach is only limited by your imagination. For the most effective results and highest response rates, we have found that the ringless voicemail drops, when deployed in conjunction with one of our targeted direct mail campaigns, provides dealerships with response rates that are in the 3-4% range, a response rate that hasn't been realized in years.


  • Customers phone does not ring
  • Customer listens when it’s convenient for them
  • Dramatically Increases campaign response rates
  • FCC Complaint
  • DNC (Do Not Call) List Compliant
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